Phlyssa Koshland

Born in the US but transplanted to Australia in 1975 and then to Paris in 1990, she now spends time in all three places--loving them all.



While her early influences were scientific, she discovered that “problem solving” was just as important in sculpturing. She has spent the last 50 years creating a body of work about the human body and the human spirit. There is a strong sense of movement and energy in all her sculptures even the most contemplative ones. While exhibiting mainly in Australia, she has works in institutions and collections in the US, Europe and Japan.


She got involved with film making late when she met Joanne and through her, discovered the challenges and “problem solving” of film editing—"who knows what would have happened if I had discovered it earlier,” she says. After working with Joanne on ParisNoir, she made the suggestion that they follow up with the story of the African American soldiers in France in World War I. “Joanne and I never looked back although we had no idea what we were getting into.”

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